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The Origin of Love series

Plato spoke of the descendants of the Earth, Sun and Moon, Two women, two men and a man and a woman, once joined together, then violently torn in two by a jealous, angry god. Beloved of each other as only part of yourself can be, it is said that only when you find your other half can you feel completely whole.
The sculpture Earth and Sun were created to honor that age-old tale of the beginnings of love, when two are finally rejoined to become one.

32 x 20 x 6"


Limited edition of only 250 pieces. 


All work comes with a certificate of authenticity


In stock sculptures, shipped within the contenintial United States ship within 48 hours. 


Custom colors or Out of stock pieces ship within 2 weeks. 


Each piece is completely sculpted by hand. No casts or molds are ever used. Every sculpture in a series is made using the same model in the same pose as a reference. Each sculpture will vary slightly from the others in the edition.

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