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CK Cooper Bio

Everyone needs something that they do just for themselves, something that nourishes the spirit and keeps the pressures of life at bay. We all need to have one thing that symbolizes the space that exists in your heart where you are a perfect being. This is my one thing that I do just for me, when I don’t care if anyone is watching, the world stands still and it is just the wire, the model and me. I sculpt for me.

I was born in Moscow ID in the mid 70’s into a loving, artistically late blooming family. I was fortunate enough to realize my genetic potential a little earlier. I believe that you learn everyday, from every experience that you have. I am a pet person, a plant lover, a dancer, a kid, a sibling, a friend, a spouse and a parent. I have been a carhop, a pizza delivery driver, an artist’s assistant, a salesperson, a woodworker, a certified computer technician, a custom Framing professional, and while I’ve learned a little more about living from everything that I’ve done, none of those things compares with the joy of creation that comes from sculpting. I do what brings me joy, and perhaps my joy will inspire a little more light into your day as well.

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