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Custom Butterfly

Custom Butterfly

What if you just want your own unique butterfly? Where do you get that?

Here. You get it here. Pick a wing shape, pick a color or two or three. Shoot me a note with any specifics then just sit back and wait for your own custom butterfly to flutter on over to your doorstep. 

If you'd like more colors, a larger size or greater complexity please understand there will be an upcharge. 

I will email pictures for approval prior to shipping. 

All commission work is non-refundable. 

Sizes are approximate =/- .5 inches


1. 10 H x 11.5 W x 4.5 in

2. 9.5 H x 10.5 W x 3.5 in

3. 17 H x 12 W x 4 in

4. 9.5 H x 10.5 W x 3.5 in


Each piece is completely sculpted by hand. No casts or molds are ever used. Every sculpture in a series is made using the same model in the same pose as a reference. Each sculpture will vary slightly from the image shown. 

Color #1
Color #2
Color #3
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