So my mom has cracky feet. Like cracky cracky. Think Grand Canyon cracky--only little bitty. My mom is also 80 years old. Why am I outing my mom for being old and going on and on about her silly little feet? Well, see, she’s always had cracky feet. Until now. 

First I gave her some of my Willow’s Whipped Wonder Balm to try, but that was too thick. Then I added some oils and stuff, but that was too thin. Then I mixed up a batch just for her, and--you know what’s coming—it was Jusssttttt Right! Smooth and silky, more of an ointment (see the name) than a balm or a cream. And those foot cracks? Finally, kaput. Tested on little-old-lady feet. Contains lanolin, so it’s not vegan. 

Shea butter, Lanolin, Jojoba and Grape seed oil

$18 per 4-oz jar

Wonderful Wolf Foot Ointment

  • I am a little old lady with “cracky” feet, but they’re not really Grand-Canyon-sized cracks—my feet aren’t nearly big enough for that! Think more of potholes, potholes on the bottom of your feet. Skin that peels and tears, leaving bleeding, painful slashes.

    I’ve got such thin skin that I have trouble being finger-printed; in spite of that, I’ve stayed away from a life of crime. I suspect the same thing would be true of my feet if anyone ever took toe prints.

    I’ve fought that problem on my feet for years, trying all kinds of brands of moisturizers and lotions and salves for feet (and other parts) that were “guaranteed to work.” Yeah, right. I was even on steroids for a while.

    Nothing worked, until I was given some Willow’s Whipped Wonder Balm to try. It worked, but it was a little too thick. CK added more stuff, and I tried it again. This batch worked, but it was too thin. I felt like Goldilocks, especially when CK made me a third batch. Holy cow! I was Goldilocks! This ointment was, indeed, “just right”! And I didn’t have to get in any trouble with bears to get my feet fixed--finally!

    This stuff is nice and smooth. Just a little dab on each foot before getting dressed works beautifully. It doesn’t feel oily and it’s not scented—just smells a little like oils. What a surprise! And a 4-ounce jar lasts me several months. Try this stuff—it works!

    Thanks for giving me my feet back!

    Susan Cooper