The good stuff, Hand protector, 

So we all finally have a good reason to wash our collective hands a hundred times a day. Which is great, and is probably going to save loads of us from a bunch of different viruses and germs but it’s wreaking havoc on our hands. This little tube contains lanolin to heal those painful cracks, beeswax to help protect, both physically and possibly Antimicrobial-ly, shea butter, grape seed oil and aragon oil for that deep emollient-ness to keep those hands smooth and soft. Use a tiny bit after every handwashing. I'll be making bigger sizes soon. Please send me a message if you'd like a larger size. A little goes a long way and I wanted it to be pocket size. Plus this is the size that I have. 


$5.00 per .5 oz tube


The Good Stuff, Hand protector

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