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Got questions? Here are some answers... But if your question isn't covered here feel free to send me a message here


Place them, make them! Artists have got to eat right? 


Ground Shipping within the Continental US is Free!!! International shipping and expedited shipping are priced at cost + handling.



Oh Lighting. This work is so dependent on lighting that, at least for now, I'll be including a bulb, with every purchase. Of course you're welcome to get your electrician to hard wire a light into your house if you choose. Honestly the sun is really the very best creator of shadows for this work, but getting the sun to hit the sculpture at a 20 degree angle at 7 pm in your west facing living room just is not going to happen. So I've created a handy guide for all your sculpture lighting needs. 

You can download the guide here.

You can buy my very favorite led fixture here


Your Purchase is returnable for any reason for 14 days. That said, some people (not you of course) take advantage of such policies so we've got to have some rules (boo). 

Sculpture, base and light must be returned in new condition, in the original box, with the original packing material. (This of course, doesn't apply to pieces damaged in shipping, more on that in a minute, shakes fist at shipper)

There is  a 10% restocking fee, to cover shipping expenses, for pieces being returned for a refund. We waive the restocking fee if you are returning the item for store credit. 

Please thoroughly inspect your new sculpture on arrival. If it is damaged in any way please let me know with 48 hours. Please include images of the damage. 


Colors!! The sculptures are available in a wide variety of colors. Black is standard and all of the work starts out black. Colors are earth friendly automotive paints with a urethane top coat. None of the pieces are suitable for full time outdoor use, If you'd like a color not listed please contact me. Colors add an additional week to ship times. The urethane top coat takes 3 days to fully cure and about a week to stop being smelly. If you are scent sensitive please order a black sculpture or allow 2 weeks for the work to cure prior to shipping. 


Black Shadow sculptures are coated in durable, easy to clean powder coating. Colored sculptures are painted in earth friendly automotive paints and top coated in clear urethane top coat. When they become dusty or dirty simply wipe with a dust cloth, vacuum or feather duster. If the sculpture becomes more soiled than can be dusted, the sculpture can be bathed in a bathtub or shower using hot water, a soft automotive scrub brush and mild dish soap and then air dried. 

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